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“Conversations” is the latest thrilling turn in the musical evolution of Paul Dixon. Still just 23-years-old, the former David’s Lyre songwriter conceived Fyfe as an expression of freedom: without a manager, a label or plugger, Dixon quietly sent “Solace” out to blogs himself, offering only a photo of the back of his head by way of a biog. Sonically, Fyfe again takes several steps forward: “Conversations” suggests a greater exploration in the beats that have obsessed Dixon since his childhood (specifically circa The Neptunes, Timbaland) as well as the delicate pop melodies of Bjork or The XX. Older, wiser, but still the prodigal young talent, Fyfe is a journey in self-discovery from an artist who has picked himself up and come back stronger.

The buzz: “a mix of folk-electronica with a moody vocal that builds to a stunning climax.”

The truth: he’s a glitch-age crooner.

Most likely to: do well in Manchester.

Least likely to: do well in St Tropez.

What to buy: debut EP Solace is released in April.

File next to: Patrick Wolf, Miike Snow, Josef Salvat, Billy Mackenzie.