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The young artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, will introduce you to her intimate universe with the enchanting music of her new album “Rivonia”. Cherilyn MacNeil is a singer, compositor and songwriter and will come to Luxembourg with a new album full of charm. With a voice comparable to Kate Bush, she will surprise you and bring you closer to her world of pop and folk pleasure. Her latest record “Rivonia” includes original songs and a whole lot of South African history. After the dense textures of 2010’s Brent Knopf helmed “Idealistic Animals,” MacNeil chose to focus on a few key elements: voice, piano, percussion and recorded much of the album in her own apartment, bringing in friends to perform the parts she’d constructed alone with little more than her voice.

Hometown: Johannesburg (ZA) / Berlin (GER)

The buzz: piano-driven, folky indie pop

The truth: You will seldom hear an album as genuinely heartfelt as this

What to buy: New album : Rivonia

File next to: Angus & Julia Stone, Feist, Kate Bush