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An oversized rabbit is hunted by a masked reporter. A billycock wearing man is broiling wieners with a Bunsen burner. The wurst itself is supplied and held by a stripper wearing a dirndl dress. At the boundaries of the stage, a midget who has mistaken a red plastic lobster for a bow tie, keeps manically staring at the audience. A girl, who is reminiscent of a replicant from Blade Runner, bites a Wilhelm Tell- esque apple, seconds later, she pets the bald head a half-naked, disco-ball- boneheaded stripper. Next to the dancers, a female fire breather takes a first zip.Down in the audience, men and women of free will, are wearing plushy bunny ears and dancing themselves to ecstasy. “Anti Anti!”, the mob is shouting frenetically to the blood and water sweating garage rock of a 4 piece band, who is exploiting pretty much anything from Delta Blues, to Stones- and Zep-riffs to Berlin-style electro-synth-octave-basslines.