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Bender Und Schillinger

Bender & Schillinger are Linda Bender and Chris Schillinger. They are two remarkable voices which create multidimensional soundscapes. They range from melancholy to mysticism, from departure to clarity. It is dressed in a robe made out of excited energy which manages to invade every corner just from down the stage. If Bender & Schillinger appear in the press, it is safe to say that you can expect them to say that their music cannot be put into a single drawer. Which is not entirely true. It is, however, this drawer right at the bottom for which you have to bend down to reach it and which might even be a little stuck. Maybe they move indeed largely in that power triangle of folk, blues and pop, but they do not anxiously avoid looking or even jumping to the other side, eagerly into the unknown.

The band hailing from Mainz has been around for 6 years already. So far they have released two albums and an EP and by playing around 230 shows they have attracted a loyal fanbase. Internationally, they have already played in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, have supported Louane, Mine and Jonathan Kluth amongst others and in February they will support Giant Rooks. Their first single „Mountains and Valleys“ will be released on Feb 17th 2017 and already points to the musical direction into which they are taking their third album that is to be released in fall 2017.