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Imagine two grand pianos and one drum-kit, brought together on the same stage, improvising relentless funky rhythms, revolted notes and distorting ruthlessly the Classic, Jazz, Electronic genres. Do you get the picture? Not really? Well, that is the point! Highlight of the Sonar festival in 2005, the mutant trio is composed of Francesco Tristano (from Luxembourg), Rami Khalifé (from Lebanon) and Aymeric Westrich (from France). The experimental electronic-acoustic trio has already made prove of their amazing talent for improvisation and reinvention at the Rockhal back in May presenting us their latest album “Istiklaliya”. Now the yougsters are back! One thing is for sure as you will hear them, this stairway will take you high up…

Hometown: Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Luxembourg

The buzz: 2 grand pianos + 1 drums + plenty of keyboards  = chaos as at the  Transmusicales festival

The truth: you just have to know that this stairway (Aufgang in German) will take you high up…

What to buy: 2nd album: “Istiklaliya”

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