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INES – A New Network Of Showcase Festivals Receives EU Funding

INES – A new network of showcase festivals receives EU funding

The technology startup gigmit and eight European showcase festivals, which are besides Sonic Visions Liverpool Sound City, Waves Vienna, Live at Heart, Spring Break, Monkey Week, Westway LAB, MENT Ljubljana have set themselves the goal of continuing to grow and establish a strong network to connect between showcase festivals throughout Europe. INES receives a funding of 2 Mio Euro from the CREATIVE EUROPE program of the EU in 2017 as one of 15 large scale cooperation projects.

The “Innovation Network of European Showcases” (INES) has a project duration of four years and aims to connect music markets of the participating countries in order to create and strengthen a united and strong European music industry.

INES consists of four funding and exchange programs

In addition to the funding and exchange program for artists (INES#talent) and music professionals (INES#pro) in support of their international careers, INES aims to expand the digitalization of the music industry. Parts of all showcase conferences will not only be internationalised, but also video recorded and catalogued in the online INES#conference library, accessible to everyone.

The library is part of the INES platform, which offers the opportunity for bands from all over the world to apply to the showcase festivals in Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia and the UK, in just a few simple clicks. (INES#festivals). The project kick-off will be at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival.

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