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Sonic Visions Goes Primavera!

Sonic Visions goes Primavera!

Since 2014 Sonic Visions is partnering with Primavera Pro by hosting a panel at the conference in Barcelona. This year’s session will take place on 3 June and tackle the potential crossroads between start-ups and the music industry:

What can the music business learn from successful start-ups?
3 June 2016 at 14h00

A music artist can be inspired by a painter, writer or a filmmaker for his art. But how can the start-up branch or the entertainment industry inspire an artist in his strategy to reach new audiences or build up a sustainable business? What are the differences and what are the potential similarities that can help emerging artists and music managers enhance the potential of their projects? A panel of experts will discuss today’s innovative business strategies and the numerous crossroads between start-ups and the music industry.

Host: Olivier Toth (CEO – Rockhal / Sonic Visions)
Speakers: Martin Guérin (CEO – Nyuko), Michael Roe (Artist Manager & European Label Manager – Sargent House)

More info on the Primaverapro  you can find here.

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